We are passionate about education and are committed to instilling the love of learning IT (information technology) in the next generation. We teach programming to children aged 9 years and above via the Duino Kids® FUN coding lessons that are held once a week (weekly lessons) or during the school holidays (holiday workshops).

Duino Kids® was founded by Jimmy Hoon of J&S Werks Consultancy, a highly passionate educator who has been a parenting coach at a leading education institute since 2008. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Jimmy has inspired more than 2,000 families through workshops conducted in schools, private corporations, and government bodies such as MOM and WDA.

Inspired by his son’s love for coding and encouraging him to be self-taught since age 11, Jimmy started Duino Kids® in 2016 to give young children a solid foundation in text-based coding so that they can pursue a career in emerging industries such as software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and robotics. In addition, learning text-based coding will develop critical computational thinking skills that will help them solve problems in almost any subject in school, and in life.

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