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Coding Course: Unity3D

For ages 13 and up

Start bringing your vision to life today. Learn Unity’s real-time 3D development platform to create and bring your ideas to screens around the world.

A merger of Design, Software Engineering & Programming

Conducted by M.O.E. registered instructors, our coding programme is a module-based programme with each module building upon and advancing the skills learnt in the previous.

Each of the modules represent a level of advancement; Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level consists of 3 assignments followed by an assessment to determine your child’s level of understanding and application. Only by meeting the minimum standards for the assessment will your child be able to progress to the next level/module.

Once all Modules are completed, your child would have developed into a self-taught learner with all the necessary coding and computational thinking skills to pursue further studies in the relevant tertiary institutions in Singapore, e.g., NTU, NYP, and ITE.


Module 1 Topics - Introduction to Game and Software Development


Module 2 Topics - Desktop Game Development


Module 3 Topics - Mobile and Console Game Development

For enquiries and registration for our weekly classes, please contact us at 6528 8359 or contact@duinocode.com