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About the Robot

The Wink Robot, which resembles a bug, is a very versatile micro robot (5cm x 5cm) that will perform tasks and respond to the code written by the students.


Motors: Despite its size, the two motors can make it zoom across a floor or table in the wink of an eye. Each motor can be independently controlled for movement across different directions and for variable speeds.

RGB LED: The eyes can be ‘made’ in any colour and brightness and is controlled individually to give the robot its personality.

Ambient Light Sensors: The three ambient light sensors on the top front of the robot can detect light from directly ahead, as well as 45 degrees to either side. The sensors enable light-seeking and light-activated behaviours.

Barrier Headlight: An infrared barrier headlight located at the bottom front works together with the ambient light sensors to detect obstacles several inches in front of the robot.

Line and Edge Sensors: An array of four bottom sensors along the front bottom allow for high-speed line following as well as edge detection.

Button: The user button can be defined by function codes for the robot to react accordingly.

Sound: A piezo sound element allows single tone beeps for audio feedback and creating alarm behaviours.

Battery: An onboard rechargeable 240 mAh LiPo battery provides hours of runtime.

Safe Charging: A complete automatic charging solution is provided right onboard by connecting the programming adaptor to the robot through the computer USB port. A charge in progress LED will be turned off when the charging process is completed.