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Duino Kids® STEAM Education Institute is a coding school offering full range courses of weekly lessons from basic to advance coding programmes for all ages, from five years and above. These programmes include robotics engineering, game design and game developments in modern coding languages like C and C#. Our mission at Duino Kids® is to bring STEAM education to our next generation and to nurture them into independent learners with critical computational thinking skills.


The world is becoming more digitally entrenched by the day, with more job openings in industries such as software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and robotics. However, even if your child does not pursue a career in these areas, learning how to code will enable them as end-users, to efficiently make use of digital technologies.

Any child can learn to code; the basics can be picked up within days. But the recommended age to start learning how to code is nine, when the child is ready to develop abstract thinking skills and still curious about exploring.

When your child learns to code, he/she is also learning how to think. Coding helps to foster problem-solving skills and thought processes, and enables your child to subconsciously learn how to use computational thinking skills in daily life.

For example, algorithmic thinking trains your child to look at a problem in a unique way, and to solve it using a series of ordered steps, which could come in handy during a mathematics class.

Through coding, your child will also be trained to identify, analyse and implement solutions using the most efficient and effective combination of steps and resources.

Here at Duino Kids®, we teach text-based coding which is used by professional programmers. Unlike block-based coding languages such as Scratch, which is basically a ‘drag-and-drop’ approach, text-based coding is used by professional programmers.

Text-based coding is also beneficial to your child because it is strict with spelling and letter casing. This encourages your child to remember commands and coding syntaxes, improving spelling and memory ability. It can also enhance your child’s computer and typing skills.

Block-based coding, on the other hand, usually has restrictions set by the developer, which limits how much your child can do with the software. Text-based coding software like Arduino however, uses simple C language to code, which enables your child to have more control in the code design. It frees your child’s creativity and hones innovative skills because it is possible to build almost anything.


With a low trainer-to-student ratio of 1 to 4, your child will receive individual attention from our expert trainers. Students will learn how to compile and download codes into the Wink, a 5cm by 5cm micro robot. Seeing the robots perform tasks in response to the codes they have written is a great thrill for every child!

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Duino Kids’ workshop encompass the learning and implementation of six computational thinking skills – Logical Thinking, Algorithmic Thinking, Scientific Thinking, Conceptual Thinking, Solution-Based Thinking and Innovation Thinking. These skills are the stepping stones to becoming a computer engineer or an application and game developer.

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