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In-School Programmes

Duino Kids™ has partnered C’ignature Enrichment Group to bring its Coding Fundamentals course to M.O.E. schools and private education institutions in Singapore.

Conducted by M.O.E. registered instructors, Coding Fundamentals is designed to develop a love for text-based coding in students with the view to pursue further education and a relevant career if they so desire. More importantly, students will acquire computational thinking skills that will enable them to think in a disciplined fashion, pay attention to fine details, avoid making careless mistakes, and apply their creativity to solve problems in their school subjects.

Coding Fundamentals is a 20-hour programme where students will learn the basics of C-language which is very much like C++ and Objective-C used by Microsoft and Apple respectively. The programme consists of several highly engaging mini-projects and activities involving the programming of a micro-robot.

Coding Fundamentals is meant for students from Primary 3 to tertiary level (we recently conducted the programme in Fuhua Secondary School) and we can take up to 40 students per class.

The following is the breakdown of the programme:

Please note that the school is required to provide the following:

  • Classroom with 01 PC/MAC for every 5 students
  • Projector & Screen
  • White Board & Markers

If you are interested in having Coding Fundamentals conducted in your school, please contact a C’ignature representative today:

Lynette Too: +65 8183 0591 |
Kelvin Cai: +65 9062 1541 |
Gan Chee Yip: +65 9478 9556 |