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Getting Started

Setup Guide

Download and install the appropriate FTDI driver for your operating system.  

Go to the Arduino Software Download page and download the latest Arduino installer for your operating system. It will ask if you would like to make a donation before downloading, you may click the 'Just Download' button to skip this and just download the installer.

Install and launch the Arduino IDE.

Download the Ringo Software Libraries and unzip the included folders into the Arduino libraries folder.

The default path for the Arduino libraries folders is: Documents\Arduino\Libraries

Once unzipped, your libraries folder should look like this:

  • Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_NeoPixel
  • Documents\Arduino\libraries\RingoMsTimer2
  • Documents\Arduino\libraries\RingoWire

Need a more detailed walk through? Download our Getting Started guide for your operating system!

Programming Your Robot

Before you can start programming your robot, you will need to download the base sketch on which you will build your code onto. Download the base sketch along with the example sketches listed below.

Sketch Name Description Download
Base Sketch Use the Base Sketch to begin writing your own code. The project automatically includes the supporting tabs that include Wink's background functions.
Pre-Loaded Demo This is the code that was loaded on your Wink when it was shipped. The basic behaviours include the Wink Dance, Barrier and Object Avoidance, and Light Seeking. You can index between the three behaviours by pressing the BTN button on the robot.
Drive with IR Remote This demo allows you to drive an IR equipped Wink with the optional remote control. Use this sketch as a basis for making your own remote control triggered behaviours.
ZOMBIE Wink! This is a fun behaviour we created for Arduino Day 2016. Load this on two or more Wink robots and watch the Zombie Apocalypse happen!<